The BIAN North American Chapter Meeting follows the BIAN Open Day on September 19 & 20, 2018 at the same venue.

The programm includes

  • Citi: Defining service operations and capabilities for Bank Relations.
  • Sngular: As part of BIAN-API development team, Sngular’s CTO will talk about the experience, challenges and progress made towards our goal.
  • BIAN Open API Initiative: A large group of BIAN member organizations are participating in this initiative with the goal to provide the industry with a significant number of, free to use, pre-defined APIs ranging from customer onboarding to initiate a loan. We will share the results with the audience.
  • IBM will discuss the methodology and the outcome of creating the open source APIs using BIAN and demonstrate their deployment on IBM Open Banking Platform.
  • Cognizant: Using BIAN to drive Enterprise Transformation Initiatives: A discussion of adoption experience using two case studies.
  • the Working Group Business Capability model showcases examples of the strategic planning use cases that the BIAN Business Capability Model can support.
  • the Vendor Agnostic IT Model Working Group gives an update on their status.
  • BIAN Working Group meetings will take place on September 19 & 20 in the afternoon:  Semantic API, Bank Relations, Vendor Agnostic IT Model, Wealth Management (tbc.)