Published on November 13, 2018

The latest version of its standardised global IT architecture model, Service Landscape 7.0, which will provide further insights for the Industry on how to adopt the wide range of APIs contained within the Exchange into their banking platforms. SL 7.0 also includes a whole new Business Capability layer and a Business Object Model that is fully aligned with ISO20022.

Version 7.0 includes more such purpose-built content, including extended service operations and a much-expanded information model.  It also includes some minor metamodel updates, some changes to existing service domains, a few new service domains, new business scenarios, and an incremental update to the How-to Guides.

The BIAN Business Capability Model, which the BIAN Business Capability Models Working Group has produced, introduces a new dimension to the BIAN specifications. Although the working group has been actively meeting and producing content for some time, Version 7.0 is the first version of the BIAN standard that includes the Business Capability Model as an official release artifact.

Digital Repository – SL 8.0
DOWNLOAD BIAN Release Note 7.0
BIAN M4 Model
BIAN Service Landscape 7.0 (print/poster format)

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