PNC Financial Services Group

The BIAN model fits perfectly in line with how we view enterprise architecture (EA) at PNC. One of the first steps we took as an organisation was to bring a business perspective to enterprise architecture. To us, technology is not just a collection of servers and software, but rather a set of technical solutions that are aligned to specific business capabilities and functions.

Steven Van Wyk, Executive Vice President, Head of Technology and Operations, PNC Financial Services Group Read case study
Sopra Banking Software

Sopra Banking Software fully supports BIAN as both organizations continue to grow from strength to strength. Together Sopra Banking Software and BIAN are fully focused on the need to promote industry standards and SOA. Sopra Banking Software strives to share our best-practices and in-depth financial services expertise with our peers within BIAN to ensure a more transparent and cost effective banking environment.

Philippe Bourgeois, Chief Product Officer, Sopra Banking Software Read Case Study
Asseco SEE

As a vendor that grew through acquisitions, we inherited a rich collection of applications that have their application specific interfaces. Applications that had similar scope ended up having their specific interfaces for essentially the same responsibilities. One of our strategic goals was to cut integration time and cost and over time achieve plug-and-play interoperability between different applications in our portfolio.

Aleksandar Milosevic, Chief Software Architect at banking software provider Asseco SEE Read case study