BIAN engages with the community in a number of venues. This page lists events of various types, both inside and outside BIAN. Additional event details may be found on linked pages.

Date Conference
February 13 BIAN Open Day  hosted by Dell/Pivotal, Palo Alto, USA
February  14 – 15 BIAN North American Chapter Meeting hosted by Dell/Pivotal, Palo Alto
February 21 – 22 Open Banking & APIs Forum, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
April 23 The Future of Banking, BIAN Open Day hosted by ABN AMRO, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
April 24 – 25 BIAN Global Meeting, hosted by ABN AMRO, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
October 17 BIAN Open Day, hosted by Microsoft, Singapore
October 22 – 25 BIAN @ SIBOS, Sydney, Australia
November 19 BIAN Open Day, hosted by IBM, Abu Dhabi, UAE
November 20 – 21 BIAN EMEA Chapter Meeting hosted by IBM, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Membership  Meetings

The BIAN Chapter Meetings are Members-only meetings to bring together BIAN Working Groups participants to support their work and to resolve challenging technical or social issues. This well-attended and popular three day meetings are important for BIAN to coordinate solutions and to share the deliverables and assets of BIAN Working Groups with the entire community.

A variety of BIAN Working Groups enable to further populate the BIAN Service Landscape. The BIAN Working Groups and the Architecture Committee meet regularly on a physical and virtual basis. Additional details to upcoming meetings and reports of previous meetings are available in the BIAN Member Area. BIAN Membership is required to access the BIAN Internal Collaboration Portal.