It is our great pleasure to invite you to the upcoming BIAN Open Day in Madrid, Spain hosted by our member Sngular.

  • The BIAN Open Day, March 19,  is open for all who are interested and want to join
  • The EMEA Chapter Meeting, March 20 – 21, is for BIAN Members and we invite intersted non member Banks as an observer – please send an email to:

BIAN´s API Project Director will give an update on the API Exchange which is a free-to-use digital library of 89 standardised API definitions that aims to help traditional banks adopt modern services on top of legacy infrastructure much faster. The API Exchange currently has over 1400 globally registered users from within 290 banks and 170 software providers.

The newly added APIs expand on card clearing and authorizations for Acquirer, Card Networks and Issuers, prescreening/KYC for prospective customers, onboarding new Card Accounts, posting and billing for cards and collections management. For lending and deposits, account related reporting, transferring of fund between accounts, issued device administration and management, lost/stolen cards, cards provisioning to virtual wallets and lastly disputes and dispute management.

We will give an insight about the new Trend in the Ecosystem Architecture and how BIAN can apply its work in future.

At the Open Table, representatives from BBVA, Santander, PNC and FinTechs will discuss:

  1. Where is the future of the industry headed?
  2. What role does technology play in that future?
  3. How can BIAN help shape/accelerate that future?

Download the agenda

During the EMEA Chapter Days, Working Group Meetings are scheduled on both days on March 20 & 21 in the afternoon.