It is our great pleasure to invite you to the upcoming BIAN Open Day in Bangalore, India hosted by our member TCS.

  • The BIAN Open Day, April 15, is open for all who are interested and want to join  –  SIGN-UP
  • The Asia-Pacific Chapter Meeting, April 16 & 17, is for BIAN Members and we invite intersted non member Banks as an observer – please send an email to:

The BIAN Open Day is designed for new members and guests with the objective to introduce BIAN with regard to its current status, its goals, its deliverables, the usage and its future plans.

  • TCS will share their view on the Future of Banking System as a Network of components and give an insight in the Opportunities & Threats
  • Open Table – Future of Banking: a Network of Components
  • Why has BIAN been established and what are its objectives?
  • How to apply the BIAN content and BIAN member case studies
  • The BIAN Service Landscape as a reference landscape for the banking industry
  • BIAN Open API Initiative: A large group of BIAN member organizations are participating in this initiative with the goal to provide the industry with a significant number of, free to use, pre-defined APIs ranging from customer onboarding to initiating a loan. We will share the results with the audience.
  • What are the benefits of becoming a BIAN member

It is a great opportunity for IT Management and Enterprise Architects to discover the benefits of an industry wide standard, adopted by financial institutions and major software vendors all around the globe.

Participation is free of charge!
It would be our pleasure to meet you at one of the Meeting days.

Best regards,
Hans Tesselaar, Executive Director, BIAN