The Working Group’s mission is to define a BIAN adoption plan. Target groups are BIAN members, financial institutions, vendors, regulation authorities, architects, program managers, academia, media.


  • Develop a BIAN adoption strategic, tactical and operational plan
  • Clearly define the different audiences that need to be addressed
  • Define the target: what do we want to achieve — such as sell a product; a BIAN training, gain new members, member retention.
  • Analyze the demands for the industry/market Elaborate the benefits and the added value of the BIAN adoption
  • Elaborate the benefits and the added value of being a member of the BIAN organization
  • Create core messages for the identified target groups
  • Identify the distribution channels and how the messages will be spread
  • Define the KPI’s to measure progress and success


Interested in this Working Group? Please contact us on info@bian.org