BIAN Service Landscape Roadmap

The following timeline shows what the completion of the BIAN Service Landscape (SL) v3.0 – v5.0 contains and in what year the assets will be published.


SL 3.0 - April 2014

Total of 280 Business Capabilities (called Service Domains) 180 business scenarios added
Metamodel Aligned
The “How To Guide” has turned the 3.0 release into a comprehensive set of documents for different targeted groups:

    • BIAN “How-to Guide I” – Introduction to BIAN – this is intended to provide an overview of the BIAN approach for all audiences and for general reference purposes.
    • BIAN “How-to Guide II”   – Design Principles & Techniques – this is intended for business and technical architects. It explains the theory and design practices for those wishing to understand and review the BIAN approach
    • BIAN “How-to Guide III”  – Developing Content – this is intended for BIAN working group members. It explains the working approach and the various tools and templates used to capture BIAN standard content
    • BIAN “How-to Guide IV” – Applying the BIAN standard – this is intended for members and other financial institutions wishing to apply the BIAN design content in various technical deployment situations

SL 4.0 - May 2015

The BIAN Service Landscape v4.0 is based on the MagicDraw repository and contains:

  • 7 Business Areas
  • 36 Business Domains
  • 280 Service Domains
  • 1960 candidate Service Operation
  • 178 Business Scenarios

The BIAN How-To Guides have been aligned:

  • BIAN „How-to Guide I“ – Introduction to BIAN
  • BIAN “How-to Guide II” – Design Principles & Techniques
  • BIAN “How-to Guide III” – Developing Content
  • BIAN “How-to Guide IV” – Applying the BIAN Standard

The  “How-to Guide” gives organisations a toolset for using and implementing the BIAN model in their own organisations.

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SL 4.5 - Q2 2016

  • Approx. 20 new candidate service domains defined
  • 600+ new candidate Business Scenarios focus on Payments/Retail/Lending/Channels/Wealth
  • Vocabulary established and populated with initial information
  • Updated UML model and metamodel
  • New How-To Guide

All content in Release 4.5 is considered to be ‘candidate’ status. Candidate status materials have not undergone a formal review and approval cycle. Content and tooling is liable to change prior to formal release in release 5.0.

SL 5.0 - Q3 2016

  • Additional Business Scenarios with a combination of candidate and reviewed for Corporate, CRM, Product & Price, Investment & Trading and possibly other areas.
  • All the deliverables included in the SL 4.5 release with a further refinement of business scenarios, the productivity tool, the vocabulary and business information.
  • Enhanced functionality in the productivity tool enabling it to be used for navigation in the BIAN Service Landscape.
  • Easier mapping to Archimate, St Gallen/CC Sourcing models and TOGAF