This Meeting has been CANCELLED

BIAN made significant progress in the API development and we will showcase the first implementation example done by a BIAN member. We will introduce the related BIAN´s API Practitioners Guide which will be the driver for further BIAN adoption.

The Coreless banking initiative is another fascinating project within our organisation – a platform for banks to collaborate with leading software vendors on developing a future-proof, regulatory-compliant and universally compatible banking infrastructure based on BIAN micro-services. We will do a live demonstration of our PoC!

We look forward to discussing the Innovation with Open Banking with you!

Hear more about:

  • Open Banking
  • Adopting APIs
  • General techniques &  Tooling (BizzDesign and the BIAN internal Collaboration Portal)
  • BIAN Adoption Drive & Working Group Updates
  • BIAN Member Implementations examples

The BIAN Open Day is designed for all members and guests with the goal to introduce BIAN, provide a overview about our current status, goals, and deliverables. It is a great opportunity for IT Management and Enterprise Architects to discover the benefits of an industry wide standard, adopted by financial institutions and major software vendors all around the globe.