The BIAN Transformation Award aims to celebrate innovative solutions and implementations, including systems, development methods, architectural approaches, innovative technologies, and mobile solutions, that are based on BIAN’s standards. These solutions and products will show the value-add for organizations and highlight how they can transform the industry as we know it.

The BIAN Transformation Award is open to any organization that has used BIAN’s materials to achieve extraordinary results.

NEW category: Best Use of Innovative Technology
We added a new category this year to cast more and broader BIAN examples and how BIAN content is being implemented. This category has been created to cover the usage of innovative technology like AI.

We want to discover and find out how the combination of innovative technology and BIAN’s materials are being used across your organisation. In this category we are looking for proof of concepts or projects that highlight how you take the BIAN content into your own business environment.

Additional Award categories are:

  • The Transformation Champion: For the financial institutions that successfully used the BIAN Models to solve their business or IT challenges
  • The Best in Class Partner: For the partners who provided first-class BIAN based solutions to help their clients in a successful transformation
  • Adoption Leaders: For the organizations and individuals who have adopted and enhanced the BIAN deliverables

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