Published on May 12, 2015

BIAN Service Landscape v4.0 finalises the identification of Service Domains and takes the number of defined Service Operations from 375 to 1960. BIAN anticipates that more Service Operations will come to light as banks put the framework into practice.

The model moves away from the traditional siloed approach to core banking, which relies on distinguishing between capabilities such as consumer, corporate and capital market products. With consumer demand for ‘always on’ banking technology moving into the business sector, BIAN’s model emphasises that technology capabilities need to be shared across corporate, business and consumer functions.

The BIAN Service Landscape v4.0 is based on the MagicDraw repository and delivers: 7 Business Areas, 36 Business Domains, 280 Service Domains, 1960 candidate Service Operation and 178 Business Scenarios.

In addition, the BIAN How-To Guides have been aligned:

  • BIAN ”žHow-to Guide I“ — Introduction to BIAN
  • BIAN “How-to Guide II”Â — Design Principles & Techniques
  • BIAN “How-to Guide III”— Developing Content
  • BIAN “How-to Guide IV”Â — Applying the BIAN Standard

The  “How-to Guide”gives organisations a toolset for using and implementing the BIAN model in their own organisations. The download contains the How-to Guides and an overview of the BIAN Service Landscape v4.0 (including color coding).

The BIAN Service Landscape 4.0 in a poster format (A0): Download