Published on July 11, 2016

The BIAN Service Landscape 4.5 release is an intermediate release where many new deliverables are added to the model. The main objective of the release has been to add 600+ candidate business scenarios which have been, to a great extent, harvested by the BIAN central team aided by the individual working groups. These candidate business scenarios will be verified and refined in the working groups in the time up to the BIAN Service Landscape 5.0 release.

Business information is now associated with Service Domains via the Service Domain Control Records. This business information is a comprehensive set of semantic information and is available for every Service Domain. The 4.0 Service Operations are replaced by 5.0 Service Operations which contain this new business information.

Relationships between Service Domains are now recorded in the form of information exchanges, comprising the BIAN action term and a freeform description of the purpose of the exchange, e.g. ‘RetrieveGet correspondent bank details’ where ‘Retrieve’ is the BIAN action term.

As an add-on to the BIAN Service Landscape 4.5, a productivity tool has been built which enables the BIAN Working Groups to define new information exchanges and create new business scenarios. The same tool includes a business vocabulary which defines BIAN terms. This tool will be made available to BIAN members only.