Published on October 28, 2020

The new update sees the addition of 43 new APIs, combining the targeted extension to the coverage of retail banking, corporate banking and fraud. Everyone in the Financial Services Industry can now benefit from a total of 186 APIs in its Open API Exchange. In addition to this, SL 9.0 includes 13 new service domains. These domains have been identified by BIAN’s members to support the adoption of specific projects and initiatives across their organisations. These include credit card transaction execution, customer products and services, and employee payment services.

In addition to its partly full ISO20022 mappings in SL 7.0, BIAN has defined ISO20022 Light Mapping for 35 of its newest service domains in SL 9.0. This is a single standardization approach which is used by all financial standards initiatives, to encourage users to adopt models under an internationally agreed-upon approach and to migrate to the use of a common vocabulary and a common set of syntaxes. Over the next few years, BIAN and its members aim to ensure that all of its service domains reach this status.

The BIAN 2019 Book has replaced the former How-to-Guides. In the near future also a new version of the BIAN Book (Edition 2021) will be published, reflecting the aforementioned changes implemented in Release 9.0

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