Published on March 31, 2021

BIAN released Service Landscape 9.1 to the public that includes BIAN’s new portal and 40+ extra Service Domains and Business Object Model diagrams.

  • The Enterprise Architecture part is expressed in ArchiMate 3.1 notation
  • The Data Model is expressed in UML  and class diagrams
  • The Business Scenario are modelled with UML Sequence diagrams
  • The Semantic APIs are published in Swagger but via the GitHub you can generate in other formats

The BIAN Book has replaced the former How-to-Guides. In July 2021 a new version of the BIAN Book (BIAN 2nd Edition) will be published, reflecting the aforementioned changes implemented in Release 9.1

BIAN Portal

you can navigate

* The Semantic API portal
* The Service Landscape 9.1 digital repository
* The Github Semantic API Swagger definitions to contribute
* The Practitioner Guide (for a getting started)


BIAN v9.1 Release Notes

BIAN Service Landscape V9_1 Matrix View