April 2018

BIAN Banking Models Working Group

Using technological breakthroughs nimble startups and FinTech businesses can quickly grow into major competitors for established players in the Financial Services Industry. This white paper proposes a framework how a capability-based approach can be used to assess multiple stressors and their possible impact on current business models. The presented CONCENTRIC – model uses a unique customer and capability perspective and shows how evolving customer demands coupled with technological advances are challenging traditional business models. The model allows for strategic analysis of industry sector capabilities and how the emerging mesh business models may affect these.

The work presented in this paper was conducted as part of BIAN’s “Banking Models Working Group”with its objective to:

  • Definition of a banking reference model as a global public domain industry standard that describes economically worthwhile business entity roles in the financial services markets.
  • Description of these business entity roles based on elemental business capabilities (BIAN service domain).
  • Determine the influence of a business entity role to its constituting elemental business capabilities (BIAN service domain).

The work can also be seen as input for BIAN’s “Banking Business Capability Model Working Group”which is developing a generic banking business capability model that can be used as a reference or starting point for creating one’s own specific model.