Can you give us an overview of your role?

Leading the Open Banking technology at Bank Leumi, as part of the CTO office, in my role I am guiding and leading the technology for the open banking, innovation and strategy for the open banking.

What prompted you to participate in BIAN?

As part of our strategy to move to microservice driven architecture we were looking to standardise our microservice in order to create one language for the all bank business and technology, there are few standards in the market that we reviewed but only BIAN cover the most of we need A 2 A and A 2 C, we found out that BIAN providing as almost full map for the business and technology domains.

What do you see as the biggest challenge facing the banking industry in the next 5 years?

There are few challenges that banks will need to face with them in the next 5 years, from my point of view I believe that the biggest challenge is to adjust the banks technology and solutions to the new world where everything done within a click  and competing in new fields were many small and large digital innovating companies that work without any regulations offering financial services.

How would you sum up the future of banking in one word?

The banking industry today learned from the past and saw what happened in the Telco markets and that why they are investing today in modernisation projects and cutting edge technology in order to be able to be much more attractive and agile in the new world.