Where can I find BIAN adoption examples?

  • BIAN Webinars showcase various adoption examples from members and non-members.
  • BIAN Webinars are all free of charge.
  • Please go to BIAN Webinars page.
  • An overall summary of  Adoption examples is available here

Where shall my company start with the BIAN Adoption?

  • BIAN members created “A Guide to Adoption”to support you in the first steps and stages.
  • Please view the BIAN Infographic.

Where can I get more information on BIAN Adoption and case studies?

Which BIAN results can I access without being a BIAN member?

All BIAN deliverables on the BIAN homepage are free of charge and can partly be accessed without registration:

Browse our website for the section DELIVERABLES for White Papers, Case Studies and much more.

Where can I get more information about the BIAN deliverables and ask specific content questions?

We created the BIAN Practitioners Community, please visit the site to find more information and post your question – click here