How can I be informed and sign-up for upcoming BIAN events?

Due to COVID-19, BIAN focuses on BIAN Webinars to share Case Studies, Adoption examples and important updates of the organisation with the public. The Webinar series will be continued in 2021.

  • Please view the following page of BIAN Webinars and watch out for announcements — click here
  • Upcoming BIAN meetings and events are announced on the following page —  click here
  • Register for the BIAN Newsletter to get BIAN News straight to your inbox –  Subscribe

Which are the BIAN members meetings?

The BIAN Open Day is intended for all interested company representatives and members to get introduced to BIAN.

BIAN Chapter Meetings or BIAN Global Summits are Members-only meetings to bring together BIAN Working Groups participants to support their work and to resolve challenging technical or social issues. This well-attended and popular two-day meetings are important for BIAN to coordinate solutions and to share the deliverables and assets of BIAN Working Groups with the entire community – click here

A variety of BIAN Working Groups enable to further populate the BIAN Service Landscape. The BIAN Working Groups and the Architecture Committee meet regularly on a physical and virtual basis. Additional details to upcoming meetings and reports of previous meetings are available in the BIAN Member Area. BIAN Membership is required to access the BIAN Internal Collaboration Portal.

BIAN Members get the opportunity to join the BIAN Introduction Sessions (conference calls) regarding the BIAN content. These calls are intended for all members that need more information on BIAN and the deliverables approach.

  1. General Intro & Design Principles
  2. Enterprise Architecture approach of BIAN
  3. Applying the Standard and APIs
  4. Q&A Session

Where can I find BIAN Member Meetings and a schedule of BIAN Working Group Meetings?

  • BIAN Chapter Meetings or BIAN Global Summits will be announced on the website and the BIAN Internal Collaboration Portal.
  • Registered BIAN members receive an invite if they are subscribed to our Newsletter — Subscribe
  • A schedule of the BIAN Introduction Sessions and the BIAN Working Groups Meetings is visible in the BIAN Internal Collaboration Portal. Access for BIAN Members Only – Go to the BIAN WIKI Dashboard

How do BIAN Working Groups meet and interact?

  • Most of the BIAN Working Groups have bi-weekly virtual meetings of one hour which cover the content of the Working Group charter.
  • An overview of active BIAN Working Groups and their scope can be found HERE.