BIAN Analytics Working Group Publishes First Set of Deliverables on Profitability Valuation Aimed at Helping Banks

FRANKFURT, GUETERSLOH AND WALLDORF, Germany — October 28, 2010 — SAP AG (NYSE: SAP) and the Banking Industry Architecture Network (BIAN), in cooperation with the BIAN Analytics working group, today announced the publication of two white papers on profitability valuation. The results highlighted represent a true opportunity for banks to accelerate the replacement of inflexible analytical systems with solutions based on a more flexible service-oriented architecture- (SOA) based analytic environment. This first set of deliverables from the group has resulted from collaboration with three key contributors to the working group: SAP, syskoplan AG and zeb/.

The BIAN Analytics working group is focused on the analytical systems of banks, which are often characterized by a large number of interfaces from operational systems. By employing an SOA-based analytical environment, banks can reduce the integration costs of their systems and enable software vendors to develop the required products more quickly, flexibly and with less effort.

SAP, syskoplan and zeb agreed to create a press announcement together.

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