BIAN’s executive director Hans Tesselaar about BIANs ethos and plans.

Interview by Bill Boyle, IBS Journal

Interview (PDF) – click here


Ӣ Standards: a definition of IT standards for SOA in Banking ensures the highest degree of efficiency. Standards do not mean that everything is identical though. They simply form the foundation for future oriented services that offer a maximum
level of flexibility in the banking industry.

Ӣ Agility: standards provide the greatest opportunity for Banks to adapt quickly and efficiently to changing market conditions and demands.

Ӣ Flexibility: interoperability between IT systems through widely agreed standards ensures the highest degree of efficiency, by enabling banks to quickly adjust to meet changing needs and new challenges in a constantly evolving industry.

Ӣ Evolution: change is a constant, also in business, which includes banking and IT. BIAN members from the IT industry who actively participate in the evolutionary process of the banking industry will also find themselves better positioned as
their own markets evolve.

Ӣ Cost reduction: it is safe to say that all businesses would agree that increased flexibility in their operations, the ability to adapt and react efficiently to change, and the important of maintaining a future oriented approach to their industry and
business model are beneficial. The reason is simple. All of These aspects serve to reduce costs while simultaneously improving service. BIAN thus considers cost reductions of the Primary goals of its efforts.