BIAN Webinar | How to ‘cloud-enable’ the banking industry by using the BIAN Service Landscape

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The cloud is everywhere, and yet for most banks its adoption and impact has been limited. The cloud may be considered as one option for accessing ‘infrastructure’ but with a few notable exceptions, cloud based business services for banking have been slow to emerge.

In this webinar BIAN will outline a vision as to how the BIAN standard can be used to define and organize Cloud-based services. It will also describe an approach that uses the BIAN Service Domain definitions to constrain business service access — a key consideration when providing external access to the bank’s capabilities.

A brief explanation of the BIAN approach will be provided but it may help those not familiar with BIAN to reference the BIAN How-to Guide for a more complete description of the design concepts underlying the BIAN standard.

We will walk through an example, defining an area of business activity and drilling down to the underlying BIAN service operations that define the cloud enabled services. In summary, the goal of the paper is to outline how the BIAN standard can be used to:

  • accelerate the adoption of cloud services; and
  • define the scope of cloud based services offered to, or provided by, external partners in banking

Hans Tesselaar, BIAN Executive Director
Guy Rackham, Lead Architect, BIAN
Yasodahar Patnaik, IBM
Victor Dossey, Microsoft