Impression of the First BIAN Global Meeting

Hosted by our member CORE in Berlin
April 18 — 22, 2016 — BIAN members and guests gathered at CORE in Berlin, Wannsee — a unique place

Hosted by CORE, BIAN´s first Global Meeting including C-Level Summit and BIAN Board Meeting took place in Berlin at Wannsee. BIAN members and guests not only enjoyed the pleasurable surrounding, but 7 Working Group meetings such as Channels, Banking Models, API’s, Product & Price, Product Certification, Payments and Lending took place during those days and made a lot of progress. Especially a proposal for a combined PoC from the API-, Product Certification and Banking Models Working Group that was initiated during the meeting, looks very promising.

The BIAN C-Level Summit was also very successful and the speakers from FinTech start-ups including Finleap, a FinTech company builder gave its inside view to the finance industry and the challenges from digitalisation. UBS and Gartner discussed the issue of the changing role of banks in light of emerging technologies such as Blockchain, Agile Organisations and explain the importance of standardisation when navigating the challenges for the industry.

All participants agreed that the meeting was a huge success due to the rich content, variety of speakers and topics and the uniqueness of the location. Thanks to all who joined the event, for your time, participation and your enthusiasm and we are looking forward to welcome you at our next event later this year in Oslo.

Fotograf: André Wagenzik, Coretransform GmbH, BIAN,BIAN, Coretransform GmbH, Fotograf: André Wagenzik