Northcross Group Collaborates on International Banking Technology Framework with BIAN

Portland, Maine, November 11, 2014 – Northcross Group (NCG)
Northcross Group (NCG) has joined BIAN, the Banking Industry Architecture Network, and its work to define standards for banking services. NCG is one of 53 BIAN members consisting of leading banks, service providers, software vendors, and academics; contributing in the areas of core banking, security, and data analytics.

“Financial institutions face a number of challenges ranging from how revenue is generated, the interaction model with customers, regulatory oversight, information security threats, and non-banking entrants into traditional banking services. These factors are causing financial institutions to evaluate their infrastructure for stability, scalability, and performance for today and into the future,”said Chris Bender, NCG President.

Bender continued, “The BIAN framework is a recognized developing standard that will help financial institutions better prepare and integrate enhanced capabilities without putting current service delivery at risk. The BIAN architectural framework provides the foundation for building organization specific blueprints and interoperability methodologies that can make integration challenges more manageable and increase agility. We at NCG are very much looking forward to contributing our core banking, data management, and information security expertise to the ongoing BIAN development efforts.”

Hans Tesselaar, Executive Director of BIAN commented: “BIAN is expanding rapidly, with members spanning every continent; we are proud to introduce NCG to this growing network of banks, software vendors, service providers and academic partners.“

“The financial industry is changing at a rapid pace internationally, presenting a number of IT challenges to banks and financial institutions.By developing a standardized IT framework that separates pre- defined services into core IT building blocks, BIAN supports financial institutions to gradually implement transformative technology change, while significantly reducing IT integration costs.“ NCG’s core banking transformation expertise will greatly support BIAN’s existing members as they work togetherto build a global banking IT standard.”