October 13

The issue for many firms is to translate the BIAN semantic specification into a production environment that enables modular configuration of banking services – given the complexity of legacy, unquantified challenges and development risks.

Red Hat, IBM, and Epiphany BIAN members will present the outcome of a four month proof of concept using the BIAN Service Domain specification, Semantic APIs and open source.


Q&A paper

Given increasing focus on open banking and third-party integration, the selected scenario showcases a national bank that helps customers through the initial impact and their longer term recovery from a natural disaster coordinating with other service providers.

We will present how we posed and answered three key questions with the PoC and outline where we want to go next:

    1. How should development teams interpret the BIAN specifications? –  aligning the BIAN Service Domains and Semantic APIs to implement cloud-native container based solutions with open source.
    2. What is the best technical architecture to employ? – Service Domains were implemented on the enterprise Kubernets Red Hat OpenShift hybrid cloud orchestration platform. Service exchanges were mapped to managed API calls and Kafka event streams as initial steps toward a BIAN Event Driven Architecture.
    3. What is the future opportunity for community development and open source solutions? – The PoC demonstrated how partners can collaborate to implement solutions leveraging an open source platform with the BIAN specifications accelerating the delivery in a truly collaborative development environment.

We hope to use this webinar as an opportunity to launch a task force within BIAN to further explore the best approaches for developing container based solutions and Event Driven Architectures applying open source tools and best practices.


Alessandro Petroni
Global Head of Strategy Financial Services
Red Hat USA

Paolo Spadafora
CEO and Founder
Epiphany srl

Sadhana Nandakumar
Senior Solutions Architec – Global Financial Services
Red Hat

Hans Tesselaar
Executive Director