AI and Standardization are revolutionizing the banking industry, turning once-impossible tasks into manageable challenges. Explore how an AI- and Banking- framework can be applied to augment and enhance key personas within a bank, specifically focusing on revenue management. Learn how AI can be leveraged to maximize revenue and profits, while simultaneously building trusted relationships with customers in a “plug and play” environment.

AI co-pilots are designed to complement human capabilities, helping to increase efficiency, productivity and accuracy while reducing the workload on humans. Through a demonstration, witness how AI can be driven through an orchestrated set of intelligent capabilities, automate complex processes and enable data-driven decision making through persona-specific co-pilots.



Q&A | Answered in Session:

  1. What is your main differentiator from proprietary systems that large banking institutions already have/are developing?
  2. Are there certain existing requirements that banks must have to implement your system?
  3. How long does it take to implement/train users?


Akshay Sabhikhi
CEO ArcOne

John Andersen
VP Sales and Products, ArcOne

Hans Tesselaar
Executive Director, BIAN

Bhavani Palukuri
VP of Data and Architecture, Patelco Credit Union

John Smith
Head of Ecosystems and Marketing, Quantum Six