March 9, 2021

This webinar will explain and demonstrate how the ACTUS open standard, which integrates with the BIAN service domains, is being used to extract and map the contractual terms of financial products from the operational systems of record of a small bank. The solution is used to perform forward-looking cash flow analysis of the bank’s entire balance sheet using the financial contract type algorithms of the ACTUS standard.

This work is being done as an example of how to provide more timely and accurate data for regulatory reporting purposes as well as for senior bank risk management.

The ACTUS solution utilizes the open-source, royalty-free software assets made available on the ACTUS GitHub to provide a “starter kit” demo application. It incorporates Python, JSON APIs, data management workflows, and business intelligence dashboards.



Jeff Braswell
Chair, ACTUS Financial Research Foundation Board of Governors

Guy Rackham
Lead Architect

Hans Tesselaar
Executive Director