BIAN Business Capability Model

Statement of Alignment with the BIAN Service Landscape

A discussion on the purpose and usage differences of the BIAN Service Landscape (SL) vs. the BIAN Business Capability model (BCM) and how business scenarios can be used to relate these two perspectives.

Key topics are:
•    The purpose and primary design principles underlying a Business Capability Model
•    The Purpose and design principles underlying the BIAN Standard Service Landscape
•    Comparing and contrasting the two model views
•    Growing Emphasis on Component Architectures
•    Mapping between the different model views
•    The difference between a BIAN business capacity and a general business capability



Q&A Paper

White Paper

Andrew Semple
Director Consulting at CGI and
Chair of the BIAN Working Group: Business Capability Model

Guy Rackham
Lead Architect

Hans Tesselaar
Executive Director