BIAN Coreless Bank initiative aims to promote a more efficient and effective approach to modernising banking software

The initial focus of the PoC is to develop API micro-services based solution covering saving, loans and checking account. BIAN’s Coreless Banking Proof of Concept demonstrates the following functions:

    • Complete plug and play functionality, to ensure no impact to user experience
    • Fully deployable to the cloud, so organizations can take advantage of modern software development techniques
    • Bank consumable API interface to orchestrate (where necessary) BIAN APIs and reduce network traffic
    • Cross domain orchestration, fully controlled by the bank, to also reduce network traffic

11 BIAN members have already taken up support of the initiative at a pilot stage, including PNC, Citi, Wells Fargo, JPMorgan Chase, Bangkok Bank, CIBC, IBM, Technisys, Infosys, Finxact and Zafin.

In this 1-hour webinar BIAN’s Executive Director, Hans Tesselaar, will provide you an insight in the construct of the PoC and he will demo the software and some of the technology participants will share their lessons learned.

Presentation (PDF)



Hans Tesselaar
Executive Director