BIAN Introduction and Why ING joined BIAN

March 23, 2011 —

The Chairman of BIAN, Steve van Wyk, Chief Technology Officer ING Group, Head of Operations & Information Technology Banking and Karin Fischenbeck, Secretary General of BIAN will give you an insight to the BIAN association.

Johan Smessaert, Head of Retail Change at ING Belgium will discuss ING’s Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) journey and the role that BIAN has played in that journey.

Standardization driving Flexibility and Agility: Why ING joined BIAN
This presentation shows the journey ING went through, starting from an enterprise message bus in the early 90s, over an (in house developed) full blown enterprise service bus some 10 years ago, to finally implementing a commercial process enabled service bus and how during this evolution the focus shifted from technical related issues to more functional ones, setting the standards needed to apply SOA successfully at a large scale. As most banks and banking software companies are going through this transformation, some major market players decided a couple of years ago to join forces and create BIAN — the Banking Industry Architecture Network. The presentation shows how BIAN is laying the foundations of Service Oriented Architecture by developing the building blocks of an SOA for banking, giving a precise meaning to the basic concepts (BIAN metamodel), getting consensus on the overall banking service landscape and its associated object model, and by providing specifications at the semantic level of application services. It is also shown how the banking industry and ING in particular benefits from BIAN.