BIAN Service Landscape 3.0 — Webinar

April 15, 2014

The new release of our industry standard framework contains over 180 business scenarios for banks. Developed by BIAN’s international network of leading banks, banking software developers and service providers, Service Landscape 3.0 is designed to bring the banking industry closer to a standardised banking IT systems landscape.

The BIAN “How-to Guide”has turned the 3.0 release into a comprehensive set of documents for different targeted groups:

  • BIAN “How-to Guide I”    —  Introdcution to BIAN
  • BIAN “How-to Guide II”    — Design Principles & Techniques
  • BIAN “How-to Guide III”   — Developing Content
  • BIAN “How-to Guide IV”  — Applying the BIAN standard

The  “How-to Guide”gives organisations a toolset for using and implementing the BIAN model in their own organisations.


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Hans TesselaarBIAN Executive Director
Guy RackhamBIAN Lead Architect
Magnus ThorburnBIAN Project Manager