BIAN Service Landscape 5.0 provides a foundation for open APIs

November 16, 2016

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With Service Landscape (SL) 5.0, BIAN has significantly expanded the business model to better represent a loosely coupled network of service dependencies. Every Service Domain now has associated business information. The Service Operations that provide the semantic connections between the Service Domains are able to interrogate and update this business information.

Over 900 new business scenarios have been added and SL 5.0 incorporates definitions of every connection between Service Domains across all 900 scenarios. The scenarios are kept simple by modelling only the first level of delegation; this provides better encapsulation for Service Domains and reveals the service dependencies when seen as a loosely coupled network. This can be viewed in contrast to more conventional end-to-end process views of activity — this difference and the main implications for solution design will be explained with examples in this webinar.

The webinar will describe how the building blocks created in SL 5.0 can be exploited to model any banking business function using logical groupings of BIAN Service Domains, their associated business information and their known connections.


Hans Tesselaar
Executive Director | BIAN e.V.

Guy Rackham
Lead Architect | BIAN e.V.