As businesses adopt and create APIs at an accelerating pace, API estates have grown exponentially. APIs enhance the customer experience, enable Fintech collaboration and partner connectivity, and support industry initiatives like open banking.

However, financial services organizations need thoughtful strategies for their APIs—rapid API growth has introduced fragmentation in how APIs are designed, built, and secured, making it difficult for financial institutions to easily realize the advantages of an open platform.  BIAN (Banking Industry Architecture Network) has set standards for financial APIs, easing integration challenges for users. Together with SwaggerHub, financial institutions can easily consume these standards and drive forward FinTech innovation.

Join us for this informative webinar where we will explore best practices in the API lifecycle and the future for digital financial services. We will cover:

  • Standards & governance trends in the Fintech API development space
  • Benefits of open banking and partner ecosystem connectivity
  • A live demo of the BIAN model and landscape APIs using SwaggerHub