April 5, 2023

The financial industry is rapidly evolving, and banks need to keep up with the changing times by upgrading their data architecture. A solid data architecture is essential for banks to keep up with the fast-changing regulatory demands and to meet customer needs.
Solid data-ownership and data-usage are becoming more and more a pre-requisite for solid and successful Financial Institutions.

In this webinar, we will focus on how to build a better banking data architecture as a strategy for success.

Participants will learn:

  • how to navigate BIAN’s information-related deliverables
  • how to search within the BIAN repository
  • how to manage the BIAN Businss Object Model as an enterprise information architecture model
  • the different usages of the BIAN Business Object Model
  • how to create your own enterprise Business Object Model, whether starting from BIAN’s or not
  • the benefits of becoming a BIAN certified architect and how it can help you advance your career

Q&A Paper


Patrick Derde
BIAN e.V. & Envizion

René de Vleeschauwer

Hans Tesselaar
Executive Director