Leveraging BIAN in an RFI/RFP Process

May 27, 2015

There are many ways BIAN provides value to the Financial Services Industry. In this webinar we will show how a bank and software providers use the BIAN model in a RFI/RFP.

BIAN members SAP and PNC Financial Services will demonstrate how they use the models for identifying gaps and overlaps and articulate their demands by using the model as a common- reference and language. BIAN models provide a direction and offers a structured approach that allows Banks to define their “wish list”and gives software providers the ability provide a “tailor made”response.

PNC is in the process of modernizing their payments platform and operational processes. During this webinar they will share with you this process, the different steps, how the BIAN models helped simplifying this process, the user involvement and the final benefits.

SAP: 7 out of 10 RFI’s received by SAP for Banking request a reference to BIAN. Some even ask for a concrete mapping of SAP solutions to BIAN Service Landscape. SAP will share examples and give you an insight of the value of this approach.

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Leveraging BIAN in an RFI/RFP Process from BIAN.ORG on Vimeo.

Howard Ginsburg, VP, Director of Enterprise Architecture, PNC
Jens-Peter Jensen, Chief Solution Architect Banking, SAP
Hans Tesselaar, BIAN Executive Director