Modelling future financial industry networks/ecosystems using an enhanced BIAN model

December 8, 2015

External drivers like digitization, changing customer behaviour, and specialization force traditional financial institutions to break up their value chains. Additionally, new players from outside the industry (non-banks) provide traditional and new financial products and services. Some financial value propositions might even be delivered without intermediaries as the example of peer-to-peer-lending demonstrates. Thus, the traditional financial industry network / ecosystem consisting of actors with various roles providing financial products and services (value proposition) is in transformation.

The Webinar shows how the current BIAN model can be extended in order to cope with the new business model requirements using the Banking Reference Model of the University of St. Gallen combined with further business modelling approaches.

The extended model will be explained using simple transfer of funds examples that starts with the client’s goal in the center. The examples are shown for traditional currencies as well as for crypto currencies (blockchain) where the webinar will present first steps to tackle the impact of the blockchain technology to the financial industry.

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Christof Hasse
UBS WM & CH IT Business and Application Architecture | UBS AG

Thomas Puschman
Head of Competence Center | Business Engineering Institue St. Gallen

Hans Tesselaar
Executive Director | BIAN e.V.