The Purpose of the working group is to provide a relationship between the BIAN Service Landscape and Semantic APIs (S-APIs) leveraged in banks or their service partners.  The first goal of the working group is to create a How-2 Guide allowing developers and designers to create APIs using a top-down approach with semantic mapping.

Service Domains

Working group will be creating content in support of multiple Service Domains.


  • Achieve formal approval of S-API Charter
  • Establish team roles and member tasks
  • Establish milestones to ensure results delivered in a timely fashion
  • Gain consensus among BIAN membership regarding level of detail for S-API specification
  • Leverage BIAN wireframes and business scenarios to identify important service operations
  • Create classifications of service operations that require levels of decomposition to remain technology agnostic and provide value to internal and external consumers
  • Leverage the service domain/service operation/depictions as a guide to decompose service domains to a reusable tech agnostic data model that could then be extended by a consumer to IFX/IFW/ISO or custom solution


Interested in this Working Group? Please contact us on info@bian.org