Being a WG that sits at the very core of banking, it is essential, also for the progress of other WGs, that the capabilities of its Service Domains and are being elaborated broadly and deeply. Describing Business Scenarios is an important way to achieve this and new members are urgently needed.


The WG finds its basis in the Party WG which had a focus on capabilities to manage a Party through its life cycle in the bank and to manage the data that a Party would provide to the bank during this life cycle. The scope of interest of the WG has expanded to include relationships between Parties as well as capabilities in the areas of Customer Relationship Management, Relationship Development and other alliances that a bank has with external parties.

Service Domains

Managed Service Domains include:

  • Party Data Management
  • Party Life Cycle Management
  • Customer Profile
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Customer Event History
  • Customer Reference Data Management
  • Customer Precedents
  • Orchestrating Service Domains and supporting Service Domains as far as these participate in Business Scenarios that are being used as bases

With the extension of the scope of the Working Group into Customer Relationship Management, this list is bound to grow.


Currently the WG has defined the following Business Scenarios (the scenarios of which the names start with EXT are external access enabled):

  • Conduct Relationship Development Planning
  • EXT Handle Customer Relationships Case
  • EXT Handle Request for Account Statement and Outgoing Credit Transfer
  • EXT Handle Request to Add Signatory to Corporate Current Account
  • Handle Request for Power of Attorney
  • Process Internal Upsell Campaign
  • Corporate Customer Onboarding
    • Initiate Corporate Customer Onboarding (new Customer)
    • Perform Customer Due Diligence Assessment
    • Perform other Regulatory Assessments
    • Perform Regulatory KYC Analysis
  • Verify Corporate Customer
  • Verify Retail Customer


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