The objective of the BIAN Payments working group is to produce standardized, clear and comprehensive specifications for generic IT services directly involved in processing cash payments (see definition) in a bank, and to identify the services from other areas on which Payments services depend.

To achieve this, the working group will:
• Map the IT capabilities for payment processing onto the BIAN Service Landscape, defining Payments domains and sub-domains and their associated Business Object Models, and identifying dependencies on other areas.
• Define services to an agreed level of detail that satisfy the responsibilities and capabilities of each (sub)domain.
• In conformance with BIAN’s guiding principles, the working group will seek to incorporate and leverage existing payments and other standards wherever possible.

Definition: Cash payment focuses on transferring money between bank accounts. Cash Payments supports various products and processes within a bank. The transfer of cash can be internal between accounts served within the same bank or to/from external accounts served with other banks.

Service Domains

Managed Service Domains
• PaymentOrder
• PaymentExecution
• CurrentAccount
• PositionKeeping
• CorrespondentBank
• FinancialGateway
• DirectDebit
• RegulatoryCompliance

Monitored Service Domains
• ContactDialogue
• CustomerRelationshipManagement