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Executive Summary

This service domain operates the telephone channel infrastructure, including the IVR and any other automated devices as appropriate. This includes handling default routing rules and intra-day/session adjustments to deal with peak load or other operational variations

Examples of Use

Example of use:The numeric menu is adjusted to increase self-serve activity during a period of peak loading (this could be implemented in the IVR in a more sophisticated set-up)

Role Definition

This service domain handles the operation of the PBX/telephony infrastructure which can include embedded IVR capabilities. The PBX system will have close integration with the call center and E-Branch capabilities depending on the degree of computer telephony integration (CTI) and cross channel support 

Related Business Scenarios

Core Business Object

Voice Channel Session

Key Features

  • Handle in-bound customer voice contacts
  • Provide out bound voice connections voice
  • Handle service issue reporting and resolution