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Executive Summary

This service domain administers the POS Network including the inventory, terminal characteristics, deployment and status of the POS devices.

Examples of Use

A Merchant is assigned one or more devices or interfaces for processing Card Charge authorization and submission when an Acquiring Bank sets up a new Merchant Account. (Note this can involve a Point of Sale Terminal or an Authorization Link interface to the merchant’s own cash register system).

Role Definition

This service domain is responsible for the allocation of the Point of Sale Terminal of Authorization Link interface to the Merchant, configuring and activating the device or interface, and managing its ongoing status, including replacement of faulty devices or interfaces. The Acquiring Bank configures the terminal or the interface to meet the specific requirements of the Merchant depending on the merchant type, risk and other terms and conditions. 

Related Business Scenarios

Core Business Object

Card POS Device Allocation

Key Features

  • POS inventory administration
  • Merchant POS/Interface registration/configuration
  • Merchant POS/Interface status maintenance