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Executive Summary

This service domain orchestrates the switching and routing of Card Authorization and Financial transactions received through the Card POS Network, Card E-Commerce Gateway, or the ATM Network from the Acquirer to the Issuer through the Card Networks.

Examples of Use

An authorization request or sale transaction message is received from the Point of Sale device by the Acquiring Bank, which then needs to route the message to the Card Issuing Bank through the Card Network (e.g. Visa, MC, AMEX or Diners etc.), await the response from the Card Issuer and communicate it to the Merchant through the Point of Sale device.

Role Definition

This service domain handles the processing and asynchronous switching of Card Transaction related messages, such as Authorization, Sale, Void, Refund, etc. between the Acquiring Bank and the Issuing Bank through the Card Network. It has a role within the Acquiring Bank in switching transactions acquired from the Merchant to the Card Network, within the Card Network to switch the transaction to the applicable Card Issuer, and within the Card Issuer to switch the transaction to the instance of the Card Authorization service domain for the card product involved. 

Related Business Scenarios

Core Business Object

Card Transaction Switch

Key Features

  • Card transaction capture
  • Card transaction routing