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Executive Summary

This service domain orchestrates a cash management and accounting services facility typically used by corporations to support additional cash management features over and above the standard facilities of current and savings accounts

Examples of Use

A corporate customer implements a positive pay facility with the bank to reduce the exposure to check fraud for the checks it writes.

Role Definition

Cash Management and Account Services combines the capabilities of a cash management account that in itself combines features of a current account and a savings account, with additional cash management services. The supporting features that make up the facility (checks/cheques, standing orders, debit cards, phone and on-line banking services etc. can be extended to include other features such as positive pay and reverse positive pay for check processing. 

Related Business Scenarios

Core Business Object

Cash Management Account Service Arrangement

Key Features

  • Set-up cash management and accounting service
  • facilities

  • Issue cards, check-books for an account
  • Process deposits and withdrawals
  • Handle standing orders and direct debits
  • Process fees and apply interest charges
  • Provide balance/statements and reports
  • Process cash management services such a positive pay