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Executive Summary

This service domain manages the holding, valuation and allocation of a customer’s collateral assets to products on behalf of a customer

Examples of Use

A corporate applies for a new facility and the available collateral is checked to see if there is sufficient collateral on hand to allocate to the loan

Role Definition

This service domain manages the collateral holdings for a customer, tracking and authorizing the allocation of collateral to different financial facilities. The service domain oversees periodic valuations and collateral asset maintenance activity as needed. The service domain also provides reports on overall collateral usage which can include applying specific analytical assessments to support general risk management (e.g. exposure to property value fluctuations based on prevailing market conditions) 

Related Business Scenarios

Core Business Object

Collateral Asset Allocation

Key Features

  • Oversee the valuation and maintenance of collateral assets
  • Allocate and track the availability of collateral assets
  • Report on the value and allocation of collateral