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Executive Summary

This Service Domain supports the various custodial tasks associated with processing associated corporate actions for customer’s with securities held at the bank

Examples of Use

A bank processes the required custody adjustments for customers holding security in a stock that is split by its issuing company

Role Definition

Corporate actions cover a range of activities that directly impact the share price and hence the shareholders of a company. The main types of corporate action include stock splits and reversals, dividend (both cash and stock), rights issues, mergers and acquisitions and spin-offs. This service domain handles the required processing for a customer’s securities that are held in custody by the bank

Related Business Scenarios

Core Business Object

Key Features

  • Custodial stock split/reversal processing
  • Custodial security dividend payment processing
  • Custodial security rights issue processing
  • Custodial security mergers and acquisition processing
  • Custodial security spin-off processing