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Executive Summary

This service domain orchestrates a corporate checking/demand deposit account. The typical range of services and fees covers payments and deposits, standing orders, sweeps, liens, check and debit card access.

Examples of Use

A corporate customer established a corporate current account with the bank and requests a series of services (e.g., request printed statements, initiate a transfer, set up a standing order)

Role Definition

The Corporate Current Account is a financial facility that represents the general checking account facility at the core of corporate banking activity. There is a range of supporting features that make up the standard facility (checks/cheques, standing orders, debit cards, phone and on-line banking services etc.). The fulfillment can include a range of optional services, fees and interest payments and penalties and will often be bundled and or underlie/support other financial facilities and financial transactions 

Related Business Scenarios

Core Business Object

Current Account Agreement

Key Features

  • Set-up corporate current account facilities
  • Issue cards, check-books for an account
  • Process deposits and withdrawals
  • Handle standing orders and direct debits
  • Process fees and apply interest charges
  • Provide balance/statements and reports