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Executive Summary

This service domain maintains the details of the allowed channel/device based access to products and services that the customer has in place.  This profile is referenced in servicing and fulfillment activity and may include customer preferences and access limits/constraints that span multiple products.

Examples of Use

A consumer customer contacts the call center and her access profile is used to determine what products and services can be accessed through this channel

Role Definition

This profile is used for servicing and fulfillment controls covering products, services and channel/device usage entitlements. It is referenced for channel access control and utilization limits that may span multiple products. For example there can be a limit on total ATM withdrawals for a customer for all active products over a 24 hour period. 

Related Business Scenarios

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Key Features

  • Maintain customers’ channel/device access profiles (allowed uses and limits)
  • Maintain customers’ channel/device usage preferences
  • Check/confirm allowed access for customer contacts