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Executive Summary

This service domain maintains a consolidated financial position for a customer, combining details from all products and services in use. The position can cover available funds, credit, collateral, tax exposure and other financial measures as necessary

Examples of Use

The banks maintains and analyses the consolidated position for a customer across all accounts products and services

Role Definition

Individual products will maintain different financial views for the customer. This service domain consolidates financial details from all in-force products and services in order to derive a consolidated financial view which can include current (real-time) positions and projected/estimated values. The consolidated customer position can cover aspects such as cash flows/balances, credit and collateral positions and may derive actual and estimated/projected values

Related Business Scenarios

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Key Features

  • Consolidate product and service financial activity
  • Derive consolidated cash flow/balance positions (current and projected)
  • Derive consolidated credit exposure (current and projected
  • Derive consolidated collateral positions (current and projected)