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Executive Summary

This Service Domain maintains the most important details of all the products and services that a customer has acquired from the bank.

Examples of Use

– Customer Offer inquires on products and services that a customer currently has in order to show them to the customer and help him or her decide on any new product (-variant).- A customer acquires a product from the bank. The product is added to his or her list of products in Customer Products and Services.- The customer relation ship manager checks the current product and service coverage for a customer when putting together their business development plan for the coming cycle.

Role Definition

This Service Domain maintains the details of all products and services that a customer has acquired from the bank.  As such it maintains data of current and past products and services. It includes key product options and features that have been selected and the current availability/state of the customer’s product, but does not maintain any details about product usage or balance information. It is the only domain in the model that can provide information on a customer’s current products and services.

Related Business Scenarios

Core Business Object

Key Features

  • – Provide a list of products and services that the cuatomer currently takes from the bank
  • – Add a product or service to the list when a customer acquires and new product or service
  • – Maintain and report on the product and services and associated configuration details for a customer
  • – Update the customers’ product and services details on request (e.g. on completion of a successful customer offer)