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Executive Summary

The Dealer Workbench represents the bank’s dealing desk facility supporting one or more trading lines of activity for both agency and principal trading in all chosen market instruments. It also supports sales and market risk trading desk functions

Examples of Use

The bank operates a forex dealing desk. A handful of trader positions access the desk to support the banks principal and agency forex trading needs. The desk maintains the trading P&L for the bank’s principle forex positions to support trading decisions

Role Definition

Operate a dealer desk/workbench that may combine one or more physical trading seats/positions. The facility oversees market information feeds and displays and consolidate trading activity of the individual traders making up the desk. Dealer Desks can trade as principle or agent for the bank’s customers and trade in instruments such as forex/MM, equities, commodities, derivatives and other financial assets. In addition to dealer desks that support agency and principle trading, desks may be organized to support other specialist activities such as the sales desk and market risk desk that specifically monitors the bank’s market positions.

Related Business Scenarios

Core Business Object

Key Features

  • Support the allocation of market information feeds within the desk
  • Support the allocation of trading responsibilities and limits within the desk
  • Maintain consolidated traded securities positions and P&L views