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Executive Summary

Define and maintain comprehensive business architectural definitions/blueprints to help organize/direct the business

Examples of Use

Example of use:Business planning specialists define target business blueprints for staffing and information system/application support for the enterprise

Role Definition

Develop and maintain a comprehensive array of enterprise architectural designs and blueprints that reflect the corporate strategy, plan and operational configuration of the enterprise. Support the adoption of the business architecture throughout all procedure and systems development and deployment activities. 


Typical domains of Enterprise Architecture include Strategy Architecture, Business Architecture, Information Architecture, Application Architecture, Data Architecture, Technology Architecture, Physical Architecture, Security Architecture and all kind of sub-archtiectures. 

Related Business Scenarios

Core Business Object

Key Features

  • Support the interpretation and adoption of enterprise business architecture
  • Define information system blueprints
  • Define organizational blueprints
  • Define market segmentation and business performance measures
  • Define business legal entity and geographic distribution models